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If you haven’t virtualized your IT environment you’re probably paying too much for hardware, storage and networking. Without virtualization, you may not have a good backup and disaster plan in place to ensure business continuity after a disaster or data loss. We can help you save money and improve productivity in your office with the benefits of virtualization:

  • Reduce your business’ wasteful use of expensive processing capabilities.

  • Ability to run multiple operating systems

  • Realize the efficiency benefits of network virtualization

  • Consolidate data management tasks through storage virtualization processes

  • Have a “picture” of your network created to enable business continuity during disasters

  • Each user receives optimal desktop solutions since access can be configured to each type of user

  • Total cost of ownership for computer equipment is reduced and the return on investment is increased across your computing infrastructure

  • Less physical space is required for servers

  • Can quickly make changes to applications and test different environments without the need for significant physical resources or increased costs

  • Security across the network is increased, protecting data and minimizing risks for widespread failure

  • All computers in the organization will have the same experience regardless of physical age

  • Remote access to databases, documents and files is possible from any device with an internet connection

  • Resources can easily be shared over the network

  • Reduce costs by about 50% when you eliminate capital expenditures, management and maintenance of desktop environments and operational expenditures associated with a non-virtualized environment.

  • Reduce energy consumption by 80% of individual computers by extending the life of existing hardware.

When you create a virtualized environment, each element is isolated and independent from the other elements. This allows for easier changes within the system, whether you are adding, updating or supporting each of the elements that make up your network. Let us help you virtualize your office environment so you can start experiencing the benefits of this growing technology.

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