Jeff Hemphill

We have confidence that our network is reliable

Entech handled the building of our infrastructure and network. Since then we have experienced significantly less downtime and have confidence that our network is reliable. We now have enhanced network security which is important in the overall audit of our data protection procedures. When making decisions to implement new hardware and software or when considering new network procedures, we consult with Entech. Sequel has found that the results are within budget and successful. This is something that we rely on Entech for and have not found with other IT service providers. Entech IT Solutions has been our IT service provider for over seven years. They have seen us through our growth from a start-up to a company with meaningful assets, personnel and technical resources in multiple cities. Bryan the owner and CEO of Entech has helped us through our growth transitions… I am sure they could do the same for anyone.

Managing Director
Sequel Energy Group