Network Professional Services

Sharing printers, internet and other devices with everyone in the office makes a lot of sense, but unless you like to spend a lot of time trying to run the cables and convince wireless signals to connect – you’re probably better off bringing us in to set up the network for you. We provide professional services for wired, wireless and hybrid networks. You focus on whatever it is your business does to earn money – and we’ll handle the details of connecting everything:

  • Help you choose the right technology based on your computer locations, speed requirements, and how you will use your network
  • Determine what kind of network adapters your computers have
  • Decide whether you need hubs or switches to connect multiple computers to the Ethernet network
  • Acquisition and set up of routers and access points
  • Run all network cables for Ethernet or USB cables

You need a fast and reliable wireless network to accommodate the growing number of mobile devices. Setting everything up yourself is an option, but unless you have specialized knowledge in networking, you’re probably going to spend far too long and far too much money trying to get everything working. Let us eliminate the stress of setting up an office network for you and you’ll save time and money – and end up with something that actually does what it needs to do once set up is complete!

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