Computing has never been more mobile than it is today. Are your employees glued to their desks and unproductive whenever they’re away from the office?

It’s time to increase your company productivity through the use of mobile device management. Computers and other mobile devices with computing capabilities have become smaller, more flexible, less expensive and more powerful with each passing month and the technology has truly matured in recent years. Enterprises that require mobility, in sectors that include—but are not limited to sales, on site trade services and transportation—have numerous options available to them to fulfill their mobile computing needs.

With 60% of companies allowing employees to bring mobile devices into the workplace, a growing need for mobile device management and security exists. The risks of data breach are increased due to the ease with which mobile devices are lost or stolen. Not only can data be stored directly on smart phones, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices, but their ability to access applications, software, email and other sensitive data across the company network creates security vulnerabilities should the device become lost or stolen.

Mobile Device Management provides:

  • Policies and guidelines for maintaining security and privacy settings across all devices using the network, regardless of who owns the mobile device
  • Password requirements to access any mobile device used on the network
  • Data encryption and the ability for remotely deleting data on lost or stolen devices
  • Link communications and data management using portable devices with convenience in ways never before possible
  • Co-workers can now share information and videoconference from virtually anywhere
  • Workforce management and task assignments are quicker and easier than ever

With more people buying smart phones than computers and a larger percentage of people accessing the internet from mobile devices than ever – having a mobile device management system in place is necessary for the security of your network and data.

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