Data Backup Solutions

Without a backup and disaster recovery plan in place it is only a matter of time before you lose your data (files, documents, photos, music – all of it!) Most organizations can’t operate after they experience data loss. Think of the backup and disaster recovery plan like life insurance for your data. It gives you peace of mind and the ability to keep making money even if your equipment breaks, the network gets wiped out in a natural disaster, or an angry employee deletes everything.

Here’s what Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans do for you:

  • Operate your business as usual – even after a natural disaster or crazy event that causes equipment damage or data loss.
  • Virtualization of the network – it’s like taking a photo of your network that you can run your system on temporarily
  • Top of the line security systems to keep hackers out and private stuff private
  • Managed email and continuity – you won’t be able to use the “I never got that email” excuse, because you’ll always get your emails
  • Anywhere, anytime access – ability to move your files to the cloud for new security options and accessibility even when you’re not at your computer

Running your business without a backup and disaster recovery plan in place puts you at risk for going out of business if you experience data loss. Contact us if you want to make sure you don’t lose your business due to the lack of a plan – and we’ll set you up with an insurance plan for your technology.

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