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"How To Take Advantage Of Mobile Computing To Boost Productivity WITHOUT Exposing Your Company To Security Breaches, Damaging Litigation And Rogue (Or Careless) Employees"


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CEOs and Executives who are already allowing employees to access company e-mail, files and applications via mobile devices or who are considering it. This seminar will also be highly relevant to Executives facing a network upgrade, expansion or refresh within the next 6 months who want to know their options for cloud and mobile computing.

During this seminar you will learn:

  • Cloud and mobile computing 101: What it is, how it works and the pros and cons of integrating cloud and mobile devices for your organization. We'll answer the most commonly asked questions in simple terms (not “geek-speak”) about cloud and mobile computing, including cost saving strategies, security policies and protections you must have in place. If you’re planning on upgrading or refreshing your computer network within the next 6 months, you’ll find this to be invaluable information to have.
  • 5 critical policies, procedures and protections EVERY business must have in place NOW before allowing employees to use mobile devices to access the company network; overlook even one an you’re exposing yourself to security breaches, damaging and expensive litigation, employment lawsuits and having confidential company information exposed to competitors, hackers and cyber criminals.
  • iPads, laptops, tablets, Oh my! What are the BEST mobile devices for working remote? We’ll discuss pros and cons of the various devices and operating systems, what the limitations are of each and discuss how to properly plan your next network upgrade to take advantage of the latest mobile and cloud technologies without exposing yourself to more costs and risks.
  • Legal issues introduced with mobile computing, and how to reduce or eliminate your risk. We’ll answer questions such as: What should you do if a device is lost or stolen? When, and under what circumstances, are you legally required to notify clients that their data has been compromised? What rights do you as an employer have to personal mobile devices after an employee leaves? Can you legally monitor their devices? Should you allow employees to use personal phones and devices, and what risk does that expose you to? What state laws directly affect you? You’ll also learn about shocking new HR laws that you are unknowingly violating by simply giving your employees access to company e-mail on their personal mobile device.

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Jeff Hemphill
We have confidence that our network is reliable Entech handled the building of our infrastructure and network. Since then we have experienced significantly less downtime and have confidence that our network is reliable. We now have enhanced network security which is important in ...Read More

Jeff Hemphill
Managing Director
Sequel Energy Group

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